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“Eco” Fabrics (Biodegradable, Compostable and Plastic Free)

Pluswipes launch a full range of eco-friendly wet-wipe products for professional applications. The EU Single Use Plastic Directive specifically excludes wet-wipes ‘for industrial use’ but this does not mean that the industry should ignore the growing pressure for brands to provide ‘eco’ solutions. Pluswipes has been at the heart of developing professional wet-wipe products that […]

Pluswipes Environmental Policy

Pluswipes Ltd recognises that impacts on the environment happen in a variety of different ways. As such we are committed to the continual improvement of our environmental performance in relation to our services, products and operations. Please feel free to read our Environmental Policy and see the ways that we are investing in the environment […]

Zero Waste Week Timeline

Pluswipes took on an enormous challenge all in the worthy name of saving the environment! As a team, we decided to halt the disposing of rubbish as a way of reducing waste in landfills. It was a challenging and fulfilling week. According to our impact survey, #ZeroWasteWeek prompted most employees to make lifestyle changes at […]

Zero Waste Week

Pluswipes is taking on a #ZeroWasteWeek challenge, starting on the 27th of November. This is to help save the environment by reducing waste in landfills. We have introduced several initiatives to help us achieve this goal, such as the following: Water Bottle Initiative ‘Why are water bottles bad for the environment?’ you may ask. Did […]

Pluswipes Takes Medica 2017!

As the world’s largest medical fair, this event is sure to give us the opportunity to meet healthcare enthusiasts such as ourselves. Pluswipes has become one of the biggest manufacturers of private label healthcare wipes offering a variety of effective and safe products, such as our highly sought after Multi-surface disinfectant wipes. Although our innovative […]