Private Label Wet Wipes



The recent outbreak of Coronavirus (nCov), which started in January 2020, is now a major concern across the world. Impregnated wet wipes can play a major role in the prevention of (Community Acquired Infections (CAIs) like Coronavirus. Pluswipes, as a major supplier of infection control wet wipes, is already helping the fight against global outbreaks like Coronavirus.

Our private label infection control products are fully viricidal (EN14476) and have been tested against enveloped viruses (Coronavirus also being an enveloped virus).

At our manufacturing facility we operate to Medical Device Standards (EN13485 / CE marked) and Cosmetic GMP (EN22716), providing private label wet wipes to the highest standards.

We can supply wet-wipes in flow-packs, canisters, buckets and travel packs – please feel free to contact us if you need help fighting the fight against this latest outbreak.

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