Detergent Wipes


Pluswipes Detergent Wipes are used in a variety of healthcare institutions for cleaning, damp-dusting and pre-cleaning prior to full scale disinfection. Our Detergent Wipes have been gradually improved over the years and have been tested to outperform other products in the market.

Working with healthcare professionals our Detergent Wipes have been proven to be non-streaking on painted metal, plastic seat covers, UPVC, laminated desks and hard plastic. Safety for the user is paramount and these products have been Dermatologically Tested and contain no VOCs.  All our detergent products contain ACTIVE ODOUR CONTROL so that areas are not just clean but also smell clean.


225 Detergent Wipes Bucket
Wipes: 225
Wipe size: 267mm x 264mm
Case Qty: 4

200 Detergent Wipes Canister
Wipes: 200
Wipe size: 200mm x 200mm
Case Qty: 6

150 Detergent Wipes Flexican
Wipes: 170
Wipe size: 120mm x 240mm
Case Qty: 6

150 Detergent Wipes Dispenser Refill
Wipes: 150
Wipe size: 170mm x 240mm
Case Qty: 6

100 Detergent Wipes Flow-Wrap
Wipes: 100
Wipe size: 267mm x 200mm
Case Qty: 12

Technical information

For all technical information on this product please: Call 01536 408085 or complete the contact form here selecting ‘Technical’ from the Destination menu.