Green Vision

Green vision to model success through sustainable manufacturing.

Our vision is to create a sustainable manufacturing facility in Corby, Northants, delivering biodegradable, compostable, recyclable products through sustainable processes adapting staff behaviour and company ethos to create this success.

Our values of understanding the market and our clients, enables us to deliver innovative products to the market with speed and quality. Our business integrity and product knowledge are well respected in the wipes industry and we can work alongside suppliers and customers guaranteeing quality, value and confidence in the marketplace.

Our Master Action Plan to achieve this:


  • Product development – to actively source sustainable raw materials to create a regenerated wipe range.  Sourcing of wipe materials, natural formulations and eco packaging options. Developing our eco wipe range which is biodegradable and compostable and to build on the development of our plant-based wipes range.
  • Change the mind set of our customers to encourage retailers/brands to invest in greener wipe products by offering more diverse eco product solutions at competitive prices.
  • Monitoring our waste in all processes of the business
  • Recording our energy and waste usage
  • CSR – looking at projects involving the local community and getting our products and staff involved with this.
  • Communicate our green accreditations, values story and British manufacturing successes through our social media and in our foyer at work
  • Evaluate competitive sustainable manufacturing facilities
  • Invest in regenerated / eco-friendly plant and machinery in the business
  • NPD updates quarterly.
  • Change mindset of staff regarding waste management on site.

PW Environmental Policy 2020