Patient Care & Hand Sanitising Wipes


Pluswipes Patient Care Wipes clean and protect delicate skin. The wipes are pH balanced, containing moisturisers and Aloe Vera to reduce the risk of cracked skin and soreness.

Gently fragranced with deodorising technology (ACTIVE ODOUR CONTROL) the wipes will leave the skin feeling clean, fresh, moisturised and protected.

Pluswipes Hand Sanitising Wipes are powerful but also demagogically proven to be safe for the user. Unlike hand cleaning gels Hand Sanitiser Wipes will clean and sanitise. Fully compliant with EU Standards the wipes do not contain PHMB (biguanide), alcohol, chlorine or any other harmful ingredients.

Dermatologically tested, pH neutral and contains soothing Aloe Vera and Chamomile extract to leave hands feeling soft and moisturised.

99.999% effective in 30 seconds on P. Aeruginosa, S. Aureus, E.coli, E. Hirae and Modified Vaccinia Virus Ankara.

Tested to comply to EU Hand Sanitising Standards; EN1276, EN1500, EN13727, EN14476


200 Wipe Hand Sanitising Canister
Wipes: 100
Wipe size: 200mm x 200mm
Case Qty: 6

Incontinence / Patient Wipes (Mascerable)

50 Wipes
Wipe size: 200mm x 175mm
Case Qty: 12

12 Wipes
Wipe size: 200mm x 175mm
Case Qty: 48

24 Wipes
Wipe size: 200mm x 175mm
Case Qty: 24

Technical information

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