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Pluswipes Takes Medica 2017!

As the world’s largest medical fair, this event is sure to give us the opportunity to meet healthcare enthusiasts such as ourselves. Pluswipes has become one of the biggest manufacturers of private label healthcare wipes offering a variety of effective and safe products, such as our highly sought after Multi-surface disinfectant wipes. Although our innovative wet-wipes have been trusted by leading brands in the healthcare industry for over a decade, Pluswipes is always looking for an opportunity to learn and improve. And what better place is there to learn than a building full of medical experts?


Source: Medica

And if you are unfortunately giving Medica a miss this year – do not panic – that is what the internet is there for after all! Click here to check out all our healthcare products. Also, feel free to contact Jamie Heywood, the Head of Business Development, to find out more.

We are excited to meet you all!