Wet Wipes Can Be Different Too!

As we all know, staying in the ‘safe lane’ and resisting change will inevitably make us sink. But how does this apply to wet wipes, you may wonder? Wipes are commodities, right? Well the answer is no. At Pluswipes we are creating innovative wet wipe products designed to keep your brand moving forward.

Innovation quote

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Innovation at Pluswipes

Innovation is the art of creating something new and different. This is at the heart of the Pluswipes private label wet wipe offer. We are dedicated to giving brands the edge in the market. Our strategy, which is simple yet effective, focuses on the main drivers for creating brand value:

  • Formulation development – our R&D is launching new formulations throughout 2018
  • Packaging – new formats now available
  • Fabric selection – access to global fabric markets

But at Pluswipes, we have our feet on the ground – we know it can be a tough and competitive market place. As a response to this, we develop our innovations in the real world by creating new wet-wipe products at competitive prices.

To learn more about Pluswipes please visit our website or contact us here. You can also contact our Head of Business Development, Jamie Heywood, on 01536 408085.