About Pluswipes - Wet Wipe Manufacturer

Pluswipes limited, is a privately owned wet wipes manufacturer based in Corby, Northants, UK.  Established by a management team with a wealth of chemical and wet-wipes experience, the company has grown rapidly and now has a customer base which includes many well known brands and retailers.

We offer a comprehensive private label service and can supply the full range of impregnated wet wipe products for almost all applications.  All the wet wipes manufactured at our plant are bespoke to our customers requirements and we produce products for both consumer and professional wet wipes.

Innovation is a key philosophy for Pluswipes, we invest heavily in research & development and have a proven track record of supplying market first innovations. Brands and retailers look to Pluswipes to provide them with unique selling propositions, effective project management and speed to market.
Impregnated Wet Wipes Products available for Private Label :
Cosmetic & Personal Care Wipes : Facial Cleansing Wipes, Deodorant Wipes , Self Tanning Wipes, Moist Toilet Wipes, Feminine Hygiene Wipes.
In the Home Wet Wipes: Kitchen Wipes, Furniture Polish Wipes, Leather Wipes, Bathroom Wipes, Floor Wipes, Glass Wipes, Toilet Wipes, Fridge & Microwave Wipes.
Professional Wet Wipes Products including:
Surface Wipes, Hand Sanitising Wipes, Patient Care Wipes, Personal Hygiene Wipes, DIY Wipes, Construction Trade Wipes, Industrial Wipes, Aerospace Wipes, Automotive Wipes, Food ServiceWipes, Wet Wipes Dispensers.
Wet-Wipes for use Away from the HomeFace Wipes, Hand Wipes.
Automotive / Car Wipes : Dashboard Wipes (gloss, matt, multi-surface), Windscreen and Dash Wipes, Leather Wipes, Upholstery Wipes, Alloy Wheel Wipes, Sat Nav Wipes.